Monday, September 20, 2010

The Frosts & Mushrooms...

I was fortunate enough to meet two of my favorite authors this weekend, Gavin & Yvonne Frost.

They are fascinating people.  Their books are so very useful to me because they not only give you theory and instruction, but also real-life examples on every page.  I am particularly interested in their work in the field of Meta-Psychometry.  They were kind enough to sign ALL of their books that I own.

At the end of their workshop, they demonstrated energy flow in an amazing way.  They had everyone stand in a circle, alternating male and female.  We held hands.  Then Gavin instructed us to put our thumbs pointing to the left, which means that your left hand is palm-up and your right hand is palm-down.  They instructed us to hold our hands an inch from the person's next to us, with our fingers parallel.  The energy flow was not only palpable, but shockingly stong.  Then they told us to rotate our hands a quarter-turn so that our fingers were now crossing, still an inch apart.  The energy flow stopped.  We did this several times.  It was such an effective way to demonstrate energy flow!  

I looked over my office balcony and saw the biggest mushrooms I have seen all year!  Some were a good seven inches across!

It is odd to see really big ones this late in the fall when it is so dry and hot.

MOON SONG #3 of 99
I asked my 7 year-old if he liked this song, and his response was, "Why would anybody like a song about losing all your body parts."  Teaching moment!

Peace, love, and happiness,
Earth Mother


Judith said...

Oh you are so lucky!!!! I actually took their mail order class's back in the late 60's, they taught me so much... went in to a lot more detail then my father or grandfather did!!!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am so glad you liked the recipe! happy mabon!

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Hi Judith!

I love the wise ole Frosts! Have you seen the video (two parts) on YouTube of them on the Phil Donahoe Show? It is strange to see them so young!

Hi Jaz,

My husband is always a happy guy when I bring home an Octoberfarm recipe (often).


Jeanne said... meet the Frosts in person. Very cool.
And what large mushrooms! :0)