Monday, August 2, 2010

Trash to Treasure...

My husband and I love to find items to re-purpose - everything from architectural salvage to curb-side giveaways to genuine dumpster finds! A while back he brought home an old air tank that someone had made into a planter. It was rusted and ugly, but I saw some potential. I regret that I did not take any "before" pictures, but this is the finished project. Well, almost. I completely forgot to paint the legs!

The iridescent detail really doesn't show up in the pictures. The intent was for this to resemble mermaid scales. A friend told me that this would qualify as erotic art, and then I saw them. All of them! I'm not changing a thing; if that is where your mind goes, so be it!

This neat vine is called Cardinal Climber, but it hasn't bloomed yet.

Here is a closer look at the groovy, claw-shaped leaves.

Isn't he cute? Now if he would just STOP digging in my potted plants!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

That old airtank looks soo fine! and if You hadn´t told me I would never have seen .... :-) :-)

I´ve never seen a Cardinal climber before but I love the leafs! Nothing for these areas though.

Squirrels! I just love them. But we have to many Martens here so they are hard to find unfortunally.
Have a great day now!

Rue said...

Love the planter! And your little furry friend - lol!

Trying to follow you but getting bounced around by the "follow" button on your sidebar. Maybe it's my computer being pissy this morning. I'll try again later.

Thanks for popping by my blog!