Monday, November 28, 2011

Estate Sale Goodies....

I stopped by a great estate sale with lots and lots of rusty stuff a few weeks ago while the Old Hippie was at work....  This wasn't one of those over-priced estate sales coordinated by a third party.  This was more like a garage sale given by the family.

This old, galvanized animal trap was $5.   

It opens at both ends!  The Old Hippie had to make a few quick adjustments, and it works perfectly.  We finally caught the raccoon that had been draining all the hummingbird feeders.  He has a new home at the river south of town.

I paid $2 for this hand-made and obviously well-used stool.  I imagine this was part of the daily life of the little old woman who lived in the house, and it has absorbed bits of her energy over the years.  How many grandchildren have stood on this stool to reach a cup from the cabinet or help stir cake batter?

This rusty old, hanging basket was 50 cents.

One hand-hammered, aluminum pitcher....

...with a double-knotted handle.  This is truly a treasure, and only $2!

I really didn't know what this was until I asked.  The man said that his mother had this on the front porch for the milk deliveries.  It was $1.  I am still unsure of its original purpose, but it will have a place in the garden in the Spring.  For now, it is the perfect size to neatly hold the newspapers in the garage before they are taken to recycle.  We only shred newspapers to add to the compost pile when all the dry leaves are gone later in the winter.

A small galvanized garbage pail, complete with lid, $2.  Sure it's rusty and has a few holes, but will have dozens of uses in the potting shed.

One old, aluminum kettle.  One buck.  No holes and the handle is still in very good condition.  

Moon Song

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Earth Mother


Jeanne said...

Oh Wow! So many totally awesome finds!!! I love the pitcher with the double knotted handle. :0)

Robin Larkspur said...

Great purchases! That pitcher with the very beautifully crafted handle is wonderful! I can see flowering branches in the spring placed in it. Good job on these finds. Thanks for sharing!

petoskystone said...

Hope the raccoon likes his new home! Sweet pitcher.

Anonymous said...

omg - love this post!! I think you and I are sisters who were separated at birth....:)