Friday, November 25, 2011

Alice's Restaurant Anti-Massacree Movement

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it!

I was unable to find the original in one continuous video, but this is a great thirty-years-later version....

If everyone picked up one piece of trash that is not theirs every day, you would be surprised what could happen...

An Anti-Litter Massacree Movement!

Happy We-Stole-Your-Land-And-Killed-Your-People Day!

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Earth Mother


Oldfool said...

The millions of people that occupied north america when the white man, with his symbol of execution that represented his god, "discovered" this empty land good for the taking. They were already celebrating thanksgiving about the same time the white man thinks he invented it and had been for a very long time.
We celebrate thanksgiving because that is when turkey is cheapest. We give thanks only to each other and our lucky stars.

Anonymous said...

Jeeeeezzzzuuuuusssss!!! I LOVE that song!!! I grew up with 3 hippie brothers and we HAD THAT ALBUM...and I have a VHS copy of the movie!! Oy!! I have never met anyone else who was a fan!! :)