Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things that make you go... WHA??? and dish towels...

Now this is something you don't see every day.  What you do see every day on I-30 are trailer loads of hay headed southwest.... round bales, square bales (something I've never understood because they are not square, they are rectangular), and the biggest, tightest square bales I've ever seen.  Bigger than round bales.

On a much different note, where in the world can you buy a decent dish towel at retail?  I've found polyester ones that absolutely do not absorb a drop.  They just spread it out evenly.  I've found WHITE ones???  I don't know about you, but I'd have to bleach them after every use because the Old Hippie somehow cannot make a pot of coffee without having to mop up at least half a cup from the counter with the previously mentioned white dish towel.  The white ones that I do find have edging in a bright color that doesn't last through the bleachings.  

The only place I can find a good dish towel these days is at yard sales.  Ones that seem to be deemed useless by the owner merely because they happen to have a blue goose or a Christmas teddy bear on them.  I just don't understand why anyone would find a really good and broken in, cotton dish towel useless.  Well, I do understand, but regardless....  A good dish towel has several useful incarnations before it is truly trash-worthy.  I usually use a dish towel for years, bleaching as needed.  When they are stained beyond help, or get holey or start to frey, they go to the garage where they are used as shop rags, car wash rags, etc., etc., etc.  After several near come-aparts on my part, the Old Hippie knows to use ONLY the garage rags to clean up caulk, or starter fluid, and dozens of other stinky garage chemicals.  Even after a dish towel has run its course as a shop rag, it still has uses.  After a good washing, the good parts can be cut up into thin strips and put in a bird feeder.  The birds carry it away to build their nests.  We have seen several nests over the years that have our scraps woven into structure.  Now THAT will make you SMILE!  Okay, I'm all done ranting on about dish towels.  

Have a nice and cozy Sunday!

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Earth Mother

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Oldfool said...

I ranted about dish towels and so did SWMBO until we were blue in the face and people were starting to talk about our weirdness. About a year ago we independently found white untreated cotton dish towels at the Dollar General store that actually absorb water.
Don't dry your dish towels with dryer sheets. They do something to them and so does fabric softener in the wash. Seems silicone does something to them and turns them into raincoats.