Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recent Garage Sale Stuff and Treasure Trash...

 One fugly lamp.... free.  This will soon be transformed into a shabby chic treasure.

Love the flowers and leaf pattern.

It actually works, so no rewiring will be necessary.  The glass globe also lights up.

So the transformation begins.  I will keep you updated.

One old twig basket for the garden... free.  

An old rusty lunch pail.... free.  

Plant stand for the potting table.... $1.00.  Some paint maybe?

I love love love it when fabulous treasures find me.  This was $1.00!  I couldn't tell what it was when it was in the plastic bag, but I could see the fantastic detail on the links and that is all I needed to know.

Click for a closer look.  Yes, I did the happy dance when I figured out that it was a necklace.

I showed it to a jeweler friend, and he said that it isn't silver (who cares, it ROCKS!), but it is old.  Most likely from India.

The butter dish is silver-plated... $2.50!  The set of four appliqued napkins was $2.00.

These doilies are now part of my Halloween mantel decorations.  They were $1.00.  This set of hand-appliqued napkins was $1.00.

A embroidered, square table-topper with what looks like hand-made lace trim.  There are a few small moth holes in it, but for $1.00 who cares? 

The Old Hippie has been asked to drill a hole in the bottom of each of these.  Perfect for a kitchen window herb garden.

This lace panel curtain was $0.25.  I just couldn't leave it there....

I'm a sucker for lace....

MOON SONG #12 of 99

Peace, love, and happiness,
Earth Mother


Emerald Window said...


Jeanne said...

What great finds! I need to go yard sale-ing over in your neck of the woods! Love the old linens and curtain.

~Onreeone~ said...

Love all your finds. That lunch pail is right up my alley. An organization that I work with does the food service for an auctioneer. I love going around after it is all over to see what people left behind. I have found some amazing treasures in those piles. Look forward to seeing what you do with that old lamp. It does have very nice detail.

Aine O'Brien said...

What great stuff!! I miss yard sales. They just don't have them in the city! I'm looking for some lace lately myself.

The Blue Faerie said...

You really got some good deals! I'm with Onreeone - I want to see how the lamp turns out. But I'll also be interested to see what you do with the lunchbox. :) Good luck refurbishing!

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Hi Emerald! It was totally worth playing hooky from work!

Hi Jeanne! Come on over!

Hi Onreeone! I am always amazed at what some people want to send to the landfill. The top detail of the lamp has small holes on the ends. Looks like there were chandelier crystals hung from them!

Hi Aine! Just one benefit of living in the 'burbs!

Hi Blue Faerie! I will be sure to post photos of my progress on the lamp. As for the lunchbox, I like it just the way it is, just haven't found the right spot for it yet.

Crunchy Diva said...

i love your finds i'm sure that lamp will look great when you are done with it & that necklace is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I really like that lunch pail! Beautiful! The lamp wasn´t bad either.

Have a great day now!