Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Ghost...

Yes, we have a real ghost.  Or maybe ghosts.  Or maybe some sort of manifested energy.  I dunno exactly what, but we do have something with us in our home.  I know this qualifies me as a total flake, but there really is no denying it now.  (And I love flying a freak flag anyway, so it satisfies.)  

We have been seeing odd things since we moved to this house in 2006, but always the sort of things that we could dismiss as our minds playing tricks.  Until the last few months.  On Monday evening, the Old Hippie was making a sandwich at the kitchen counter.  I was in the adjacent laundry room.  I turned to look into the kitchen and clearly saw an opaque, white form in the opening between the kitchen and the den, about six feet from the Old Hippie's back.  As I focused on it, it quickly moved around the corner into the den and out of sight.  I didn't see any specific features, just an amorphous form.  It was about the size and height of an adult, but there was nothing below knee level. The movement was as if it "walked" around the corner.  Okay, really creepy, right?  But I didn't feel anything - no change in energy, nothing at all. 

About two months ago, the Old Hippie had gotten home before the CritterBug and me, and he was in the back bedroom.  He heard a door shut, and voices, then sounds from the kitchen like groceries being unpacked.  He assumed we had arrived home, so he went to greet us, only we weren't home yet.  This has happened a few more times since then, and he clearly hears a woman's voice but cannot make out any words.  Needless to say this freaks him out so much so that he has had to leave the house for a few hours.

A month ago, as I walked into the master bathroom, there was a white flash that flew out of the bathroom at about knee level, and my instant reaction was to jump out of the way.  Then I just stood there asking myself what-the-hell just happened. This same thing happened months ago to the Old Hippie, only it came into our bedroom from the patio door, and it was at shoulder level and bigger.  There comes a point that you have to admit to yourself that yes, this all sounds completely bat-shit crazy.  I don't know if I would believe someone telling something like this, but when you know, you know.  

 Now this next thing is by far the creepiest.  Because it wasn't white.  It was shadowy.  And smaller.  And watching.  A while back I was in bed reading with the bedroom door cracked about a foot.  I saw a shadowy something about 3 1/2 feet tall looking at me from the opening.  As I focused on it, it moved out of sight.  A few days later I was in bed reading again.  There is a long mirror mounted on the wall opposite the bed which reflects the shelves beside my bed.  I saw the same sort of thing in the reflection of the mirror meaning it was right beside my bed.  Again it moved away when I focused on it.  Again, seriously creepy. 

So with the veil between the worlds being the thinnest on Friday, I am expecting more of the same.  Our house was built only six years ago, but it was built around the frame of an older house that was moved to this location.  I regularly do home cleansings, and I have several forms of protection in place.  So what do you think?  Have you had a ghost experience? 

Peace, love, and happiness,
Earth Mother


Oldfool said...

Your house is probably built right on an intersection of four or more dimensions or you need to change what you're smoking. The Tralfamadorians say there are many dimensions. They also say the Earth has Seven sexes four of which are in another dimension.
You won't be called a "Flake". Nut case might come up but not by me I have my own weirdness only I don't talk about it for fear of being abducted by my own species. Besides I don't have any room to talk.
In a way I'd like to see that, only then I'd have to hide under the bed for a month and I hate it under there 'cause that's where the monster is and dust bunnies get on my pizza when dinner is slid under for me.
I once tried to help a friend in a similar situation but she said she had to stop talking to me because if she wasn't crazy she soon would be. I wonder what she meant.

Joane said...

Hmmm...it sounds like there is something/one there but, maybe it's one of those residual type of hauntings? (Yes, I watch Ghost Hunters). I have no personal experiences with ghosts but, I do sometimes get "feelings" if I"m in a place that is known to have ghosts. It doesn't seem as if anything is out to harm you but, I would get the creeps too if I thought something was watching me. Have you tried some type of communication or do you have any history about the site on which your house is built?

The cottage by the Crane lake. said...

Yes I have!
It happened several times when I owned my old gardencentre/nursery. One night when I was working real late planting flowers before Christmas, I saw a man in black clothes wearing a black hat looking at me.

My dogs were asleep in the kitchen and noticed nothing and I can´t say I felt anything special either. But I saw him several times during the time span I owned the place.

Have a great day now!

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Hi Oldfool! Haven't seen a magic mushroom in years, but not for lack of searching. As for the smoke, for everything there is a season, but having kids sort of messes that up for ya. You're alright by me....

Hi Joane! My friend and I did a quickie banishing a while back when I did feel a heavy presence in the dining room, but not really what I would call communication. I haven't felt anything heavy since then. My gut feeling is that I don't want to engage anything myself. I don't know the history of the location or the history of the older house, but that would be worth researching asap.

Hi Christer! Seeing a man in a hat watching me would probably rattle me much more than just these shapes, blurs, and shadowy things. Thanks for sharing your story!


Robin Larkspur said...

Sounds like you have got quite a bit going on at your house, and I admit I got goose bumps reading your post. I have had "experiences" as well, and I do not think you are a flake. I think you may need a bit more than general energy cleansings.

Emerald Window said...

I used to live in a house during the week at resort I worked at. During some evenings, I would hear people on the deck outside. At first I thought they were guests from the resort, but wheneverI looked out there, I couldn't see anyone.
One day a lady came by and said her family used to own the house. She had a box with her, and asked my permission to put her uncles ashes in a hollow tree off the edge of the deck. She said they had been putting the family ashes in that tree for years. That night there was what sounded like a party out on the deck. Maybe old relatives welcoming the new?

Judith said...

I grew up in a haunted house, and the weird thing is that the house was built by my dad, not an old house, so it must have been the "land" that was haunted. I grew quite used to it over the years... not that it still didn't spook me out, but after my heart stopped trying to beat out of my chest, I would giggle about it... and move on

Jeanne said...

I have lived in many houses that had 'unusual events' take place.

I am no expert, but it seems to me that you have two separate entities in your home. The voices in the kitchen sound like a residual haunting. Experience has taught me that residual hauntings can be attributed to a building, a section of land or even an object. You might look into the history of the property and even any furniture or objects that were moved into the house about the time the occurrences started.

As for the shadowy figure, it sounds like it is intelligent. It could be any number of things - from a member of the Fae Folk to possibly a being from another dimension (OK, now I sound like a nut case! LOL) Have you tried speaking to it? Even if it disappears when you focus your attention on it, ask it what is on your mind. You never know what kind of answers you'll get. I would cast a protective circle before going into any in depth conversation though.

Please keep us posted.....

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Hi Robin! Thanks for the reassurance! I'm a little torn about what to do at this point. I know of several options that I would be comfortable with, but for now, it is sort of exciting for me. The Old Hippie is the one who is spooked by it.

Hi Emerald! That is a very interesting experience! Cool story!

Hi Judith! That is basically what we do, have a laugh and move on. No harm has come of any of it, and I don't feel anything heavy.

Hi Jeanne! Yes, I think there is more than one... whatever they are. We do have antiques, tons of them, but nothing new around the time things started to happen regularly. I haven't tried speaking to the shadowy one, but I have some ideas about him.


Lyn said...

Things like this follow me around. Just the other night our bedroom door opened by itself. So I don't think you're a flake at all (or if you are then I'm one too).

The thing that would concern me most in your house is the dark shadow but if you don't feel anything negative then it probably isn't.

Keep cleansing and keep posting your updates ;-)